Psychotherapy, Vulnerability & Resilience

Psychotherapy and Counseling: Addressing Vulnerability, Building Authentic Resilience

My private practice offers integrated and holistic approaches in brief, short-term, and continuing psychotherapy and counseling. Consultations facilitate psycho-education and help clarify questions and concerns. Follow-up sessions provide opportunity to refresh, revisit and reboot.

Psychotherapy and counseling are informed by evaluation, assessment, diagnostic considerations, treatment approaches, professional ethics and standards of care, and scope of practice in a respectful therapeutic alliance with supportive emphasis on client readiness for appropriate interventions and levels of change.

Biopsychosocial factors inform a holistic approach that integrates personal history, resources, community and context in client care. Addressing client needs, preferences, experience, background, diversity, identity and culture provide a personalized approach to assist development through the lifespan.

TASKS for psychotherapy and counseling:
Providing therapeutic and counseling alliance in supportive collaboration
Identifying sources and issues in presenting problems and challenges
Integrating interventions tailored to unique needs and goals of clients
Working with limitations and perseverance through obstacles
Overcoming barriers and strengthening resources

PURPOSE in psychotherapy and counseling: Discovering
Personalized pathways
Unique strengths and resilience
Problem resolution beyond coping solutions
Depth and breadth of life challenges

EMPHASIS in psychotherapy and counseling: Developing
Balance in problem-based and strength-based approaches
Healing and renewal
Capacities and potentials
Creative process
Meaning and purpose
Lifespan coherence and integrity
Quality of life

FOCUS for psychotherapy and counseling: Building
Relationships and social networks
Community, cultural and family supports
Spirituality, traditions and connections
Self-determination, valuation and empowerment
Identity, self-worth and affirmation
Community inclusion and reciprocity
Authentic allies and resources

PROBLEMS in psychotherapy and counseling: Addressing
Life skills and problem resolution
Emotion processing and core self integration
Shame, stigma, moral injury and micro-aggression
Depressive moods, helpless/hopeless, giving-up/given-up
Agitation, reactive, frustration and anger tolerance
Anxiety, panic reactions, social and separation anxiety
Avoidance, perseveration and procrastination
Obsessive, ruminative and perfectionistic coping defenses
Guilt, worry, numbing, detachment and disconnection
Trauma recovery and psychosocial stressors
Cultural identity, acculturation, and intergenerational transition
Age, race, ethnic, gender and diversity discrimination
Sexual, gender and non-binary identity
Health stressors and medical challenges
Special needs and integrative care
Self-other care and caregiver support
Bereavement and loss, complex and complicated grief
Relationship stressors, separation, divorce and family transitions
Parenting and intergenerational care
Couple and family life stages
Marital and partner difficulties
Sibling and extended family issues
Birth, adoption and blended families
Cultural and interpersonal differences
Personality and relational styles
Education, occupation, employment and career issues
Creative and expressive blocks
Phase of life problems, transitions and adjustment
Life direction, patterns and goals
End of life planning and decisions
Life phase challenges: Child, adolescent, young adult, adult, middle years, senior and elder years

GOALS for psychotherapy and counseling: Affirming
Meaningful life engagement
Hope and well-being
Confidence and self-esteem
Self-worth and mutual respect
Empathy and emotional responsiveness
Mood, emotion and behavioral balance
Effective initiative, personal power and responsibility
Mutual self-other autonomy, trust and reliance
Authentic decisions and congruent actions
Integration and continuity of past, present and future

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