Research, Teaching & Consulting

Psychology Research, Teaching and Consulting

Through University of California San Francisco Medical Center, Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Surgery, and Sociology, I have participated in National Institute of Mental Health training and research grants in integrative medicine to address quality of life in chronic illness through a biopsychosocial model of primary care. I have participated in institutional review committees (IRB) tasked to define medical ethics, therapeutic alliance, and standards of care in at-risk and special needs populations.

I have participated in research investigating quality of life, treatment modalities, and psychotherapy outcomes. I completed my dissertation and postdoctoral mentoring with Erik Erikson in lifespan development, cultural and generational transmission, and psychohistory. My independent research includes longitudinal case study in the intergenerational interface in lifespan development.

As faculty in masters and doctoral programs and director of research, I have taught theses and doctoral research design and research ethics. Through University of California San Francisco Medical Center, I have served as editor of grant applications and research publications. I am available for graduate teaching and individual consultation to bring grant, research, and training projects to completion.

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