Reduced Rate & Privacy Information

Psychotherapy, Counseling, Consultation Reduced Rate and Privacy Information

Privacy and Records : Because I am not under contract with Medicare or other health insurance, your records are confidential and not available to Medicare or insurance oversight or audit. Medicare and health insurance require that records and claims include diagnostic code and documentation to demonstrate medical necessity. Because your records are private, your records do not require a diagnostic code, prior authorization, or demonstration of medical necessity.

Out-of-plan claim submitted to insurance : For non-Medicare clients who wish to submit insurance claims, I provide a statement of fees paid, including diagnosis and procedure code as needed. Clients submit claims directly to insurance and may be reimbursed according to stipulations of their individual health insurance policies.

Reduced Fees are available for those clients who have special needs and/or limited resources. Client fees are mutually discussed and reviewed as needed during the course of our sessions.

Student Loan Eligibility : Some graduate degree programs have a requirement for therapy as an important experience in clinical training. Student loans may include fees connected with training. Internship programs may additionally add consultation and supervision services to their staffing costs.

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