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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Psychology Teaching

Clinical & Counseling Psychology Teaching

       California Institute of Integral Studies
      MFT Clinical Training: Clinic Without Walls
      MFT & PsyD Clinical Training: Haight Ashbury Psychological Services
PsyD Clinical Training and Supervision: Psychological Services Center
      PsyD Clinical Skills Competency Evaluation: Associate Professor and Supervising Faculty
      PSY6201 Lifespan Developmental Psychology, 3 units
      PSY5702 Foundational Clinical Skills I: Group, 2 units
California School of Professional Psychology/  Alliant International University
      PSY6109 Lifespan Development, 3 units
      PSY6523 Psychopathology, 3 units
Saybrook University
Online Courses, 3-units
     1000 Theories of Inquiry
     1005 Methods of Research and Disciplined Inquiry I
     1015 Methods of Research & Disciplined Inquiry II
     1010 Critical Thinking for Psychology and the Human Sciences
     1020 Overview of Methods for Disciplined Inquiry
     1040 Qualitative Research Methods
     1035 Critical Thinking for Psychologists
     2000 Foundations of Clinical Thought
     2010 Structure and Dynamics of the Family
     2025 Systems of Psychotherapy
     2030 Assessing Persons for Clinical Psychology
     2030 Assessing Persons: Methods and Psychometrics
     2031 Assessing Persons for Marriage and Family Therapy
     2050 Psychopathology and Diagnosis
     2070 Critical Issues in Psychopathology
     2510 Relationship and Family Interventions
     3000 Psychology of Consciousness
     3030 Cognitive Psychology
     4030 Survey of Health Psychology and Psychophysiology
     4040 Systems of Healing
     4050 Health Psychology
     6020 Developmental Psychology
     6060 Ethics in Psychotherapy and Psychological Research 
     6140 Ethics for the Human Sciences 
     7045 Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organization Systems
     8152, 8153, 8154, 8156 Practicum Series and Field-Placement Supervision
Residential Intensives, 1-2-units
     2402 Clinical Case Conference
     2541 Professional Standards in Psychotherapy & Counseling
     2560 Multiculturalism & Family: Residential Intensive in Multiplicity and Diversity
     2643 Behavioral Health & Integrated Primary Care
     2639 Severe Mental Illness & Developmental Disorders
     2641 Working with Children & Adolescents
     2705 Stages in Counseling & Therapeutic Process
     2706 Clinical Formulation, Collaborative Treatment & Evidence-Based Practice
     2707 Consumer & Collateral Integration in Intervention & Risk Management
     2708 Consultation & Supervision in Multi-System Collaboration & Advocacy
     2401A-B-C-D Practicum ProSeminar Series
     8110: Proseminar in Humanistic Psychology: Jungian Theory
     8803: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology: Introduction to Jungian Theory
Tutorials, 3-9 unit Courses: 6060, 8100, 8149 Independent Study
      8100 Career Development and Counseling
      8100 Child and Family Psychotherapy: Filial Play Therapy
      8100 Analyzing Case Study Research
      8100 Multicultural Assessment and Diagnosis
      8100 Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Empirically Supported Treatments
      8100 Assessing Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and Intelligence
      8100 Integral Theories in Systems of Psychotherapy
      8100 Inquiry into Indigenous Wisdom and Depth Psychology
      8149 Practicum in Residential Treatment
      6060 Ethics for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and Organizational Systems
Candidacy Essays, 3 units: 9010, 9020 & 9030
      9010 Dissertation Critique: Clergy Sexual Abuse and Male Survivors
      9020 Women Writers in Analytical Psychology, 1920-1940      
      9020 Moral Development in Elementary Teachers: Impact Study—Children in the Classroom
      9020 Bipolar Disorder in Adolescence
      9020 Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Catholic priests
      9020 Anima and Animus in Jungian Theory
      9030 Openmindedness as a Study in Depth Psychology
      9030 A Psychological Investigation of Shame and Guilt in Breastfeeding
      9030 Workplace Bullying: Long-Term Effect of Early Childhood Abuse
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/ Sofia University
Residential Courses, 3-units
      PTCP2426 General Psychology Theory and Applications II: Systems, 3 units
      PSY279A-B-C and 2179A-B-C Ph.D. Advanced Clinical Practicum, 9 units
      PSY603 Introduction to Jungian Psychology, 2 units
      PSY626 Human Development, 3 units
      MLSN2079A-B-C MA/MFT. Clinical Practicum Seminar, 9 units
      PRES6041 Cognitive Psychology, 3 units
      PRES6168 Advanced Topics in Research, 3 units
      PRES2116 Lifespan Development and Aging, 3 units
      PTCP2149 PhD Clinical Practicum Seminar, 9 units
      PTCP2251 Advanced Clinical Skills: Jungian Psychotherapy, 3-9 units
San Francisco School of Psychology, Clinical Program, PhD 3-units
      PSY749 Personality Theory
Dominican University of California, Counseling Psychology Program, MS/MFT 3-units
      CP5207 Advanced Counseling Techniques: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
      CP5231 Phases of Human Development
Sonoma State University, Depth Psychology Program, MS 6–units
      PSY511A-B Theories of Depth Psychology
Institute of Imaginal Studies, PhD 2-units
      PSY521 Psychotherapy Craft I: Introduction and Overview
      PSY522 Psychotherapy Craft II: Becoming a Psychotherapist
      PSY621 Psychotherapy Craft III: Crafting the Therapist’s Self
      PSY628 Psychotherapy Integration I: Integrative Approach in Individual Psychotherapy
Notre Dame de Namur University, MA Psychology, MA/MFT, MA/MFT Gerontology
      PY359P Research: Proposal and Grant Writing, 3 units
      PY359T Research: Thesis and Grant Completion, 3 units
      CP 235 Human Sexuality, 1 unit
      CP256 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, 3 units
      CP290 Professional Ethics and Law, 3 units
      GR258/458 Professional Ethics and Law in Gerontology, 2 units
      CP322 Advanced Clinical Seminar, 2 units
      CP283 Advanced Psychoanalytic and Analytical Psychotherapies, 2 units
Advising, MA Projects, Theses, and Dissertations
Advisor, Independent Programs for PhD in Multidiscipline Concentrations,
     Saybrook University: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Organizational Systems & Health Psychology
Faculty Mentor and Student Advisor, MA/MFT-PCC, Saybrook University
Committee Member, MS Theses, Sonoma State University, Depth Psychology Program
Committee Member, PhD Dissertations
     Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/ Sofia University
     Pacifica Graduate School
     Saybrook University
Chair, Reader & Director of Research, MA Projects & Theses
     Notre Dame de Namur University
     Saybrook University

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