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Consultation, Supervision & Mentoring

     Consultation, Supervision and Mentoring for Therapists & Counselors

      Professional standards require ongoing support for Therapists and Counselors to develop the diverse expertise necessary in our work with clients. Pre-licensed Interns work with clients under supervision of licensed professionals who meet continuing education requirements as primary, delegated, and training Supervisors. Post-licensed Therapists and Counselors work directly with clients with support of Consultants and Mentors, who provide professional expertise and specialty training. Supervisors, Consultants, and Mentors serve as "gatekeepers" and provide the "acclimation to the profession" required to meet professional standards for continuing education and refinement of therapy and counseling skills. One important malpractice liability mistake is "failure to consult". We are professionals together in practice and mutual support.
     Each consultation, supervision, and mentoring session provides opportunity for multiple perspectives and new questions. Dialogue opens threads and allows possibilities to untie knots. Here are examples of issues we can address in individual sessions and/or group seminars and trainings:

     Career Choice and Specialization
     Training and Licensing Requirements
     Ethical and Competency issues in Practice     
     Gaps in Education and Training Experience
     Integration of Theory and Practice
     Common Mistakes and Uncommon Clients
     Professional Standards: Procedures and Processes
     Stages of Therapy and Counseling
     Research and Practice Cohesion
     Clinical Thinking and Critical Analysis
     Validity and Reliability in Evidence-Based Practice
     Case Formulation and Treatment Plan
     Client Goals and Treatment Outcomes
     Treatment Compliance and Risk Management
     Evaluation and Assessment
     Diagnosis and Treatment Response
     Documentation, Referral and Continuity of Care
     Contextual and Systemic Issues
     Diversity and Special Needs
     Lifespan and Life-Phase Issues
     Generational and Cultural Diversity
     Integrative Health and Biopsychosocial Issues
     Blocks and Resistance: Yours and Theirs
     Working with the Symptom
     Lacunae: What Am I Missing?
     Professional Integrity and Self-Care
     Life Transition Challenges
     Readings and Resources

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